My name is Tony Lyons and I'm a Senior Nuke Compositor in the VFX industry.

Iā€™m lucky to be connected with some of this generation's most creative minds.  I love what I do, and hope that I can inspire others as much as others have inspired me.
        I am originally from Lakeville, MA, close to Boston, USA.  I attended Full Sail University, in Orlando, FL, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Animation in December 2009.  I have lived and worked in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Vancouver, London, Singapore, Sydney, and most recently, Munich, Germany
I love to travel between projects, experiencing different cultures and exploring different parts of the world.

Please take a look around my website or check out my compositing blog at www.compositingMentor.com. Feel free to contact me with any questions/inquiries. Thanks!

"If you can accomplish everything you wish for in your lifetime...  Then you're not dreaming big enough."

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